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Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus

This is the number one site for all things to do Bessler/Orffyreus. His biography and his four books are all available from here and include English translations

I publish the results of my work on deciphering Johann Bessler's code, found in his published book, Apologia Poetica, and in particular Chapter 55, on my web site at This site is often updated as and when new information is discovered.

I have placed a large amount of additional information concerning Bessler's Code on another web site at This site includes all the information concerning Bessler's code that I have found so far, in all of his four publications as well as elsewhere.

My website at contains some considerations on how gravity could power Bessler's wheel and also some more speculative interpretations on particular pieces of coded information Bessler left for us.

Bessler's remarkable windmill which he was building when he fell to his death is on sale for one EURO! Unfortunately a condition of sale is that any buyer has to spend at least one million Euros on renovating the building! You can see photos of the remains of it here at

I made a video about Orffyreus on youtube, you can see it by clicking on 

Keep up to date on my progress towards reconstructing Bessler's wheel by visiting my blog at

"Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?" - the complete biography of Johann Bessler, aka Orffyreus, by John Collins, is available now, from this web site, in digital format.

"Maschinen Tractate", "Apologia Poetica", "Grundlicher Bericht" and "Das Triumphirende" are four books originally written and published by Johann Bessler. Copies of them are available with full English translations from this web site, in both hard copy and digital PDF files.

All digital books from this site 5 pounds, or about $8 each.